PSY652: Counseling in Times of Crisis

Counseling in Times of Crisis is presented from the perspective of both a pastor and a professional counselor. The course includes a textbook and workbook. Counseling in Times of Crisis teaches the student how to better understand the issues in a crisis situation as well as the principles that can help one face a crisis.

The primary goal of this course is to teach students how to help clients when facing times of crisis.

Course Details

  • Course Title:
    Counseling for Family Violence & Abuse
  • Instructor(s):
    Judson J. Swihart, PhD
    Gerald C. Richardson, DMin
  • Prerequisite(s):
    Creation Therapy
  • Price:
    $275.00 [+ S&H]

Course Details

  • Credit Hours: 3
  • Estimated Time to Complete: 45 Clock Hours
  • Maximum Time Limit: 16 Weeks
  • Student must complete one final exam

Upon ordering the course, the student will receive course materials via hardcopy materials mailed to their address, or via online in their Student Center account.

advanced certification

This course leads to Advanced Certification in Crisis & Abuse Therapy if the student completes this course along with the following courses:

  • Counseling for Family Abuse & Violence
  • Counseling the Depressed
  • Counseling for Anger

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