Creation Therapy

Creation Therapy is the foundational course of the Christian Counseling degree program at CrossPointe Bible College. The course includes a video, textbook and workbook. Creation Therapy teaches accountability for each individual’s actions and helps the student understand who God created each person to be as a unique individual, and how to counsel them according to who God created them to be and His unique plan for them.

The primary goal of this course is to teach God’s plan for each of us as individuals, and how His plan causes each person to find fulfillment and success in their life. It will equip the student to empower their clients and fellow church members in developing and maintaining good relationships with themselves, others and ultimately with God.

The required textbook, workbook and video are included in the price of the course, and will be shipped to the student.

Course Details

  • Course Title:
    Creation Therapy
  • Instructor(s):
    Richard Arno, PhD
  • Prerequisite(s):
  • Price:
    $275.00 [+ S&H]

Course Details

  • Credit Hours: 3
  • Estimated Time to Complete: 45 Clock Hours
  • Maximum Time Limit: 16 Weeks
  • Student must complete two exams

Upon ordering the course, the student will receive course materials via hardcopy materials mailed to their address, or via online in their Student Center account.

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