Course Title: Counseling & Self-Esteem
Instructor(s): David E. Carlson
Prerequisite(s): CC101, CC102
Price: $265

Counseling & Self Esteem teaches the counselor to help clients find their freedom in improving their self-esteem and self-image. The course includes a textbook and workbook. Counseling & Self-Esteem takes three main topics: 1) to teach the pastoral counselor an understanding of self-esteem as a fundamental ingredient to one’s spiritual, emotional and social health, 2) to teach accurate biblical views on self-esteem, and 3) to teach counseling strategies that can be used to build self-esteem.

The primary goal of this course is to teach students how to provide assistance to clients who suffer from low self-esteem.

The required textbook and workbook are included in the price of the course, and will be shipped to the student.

Course Details:

  • Credit Hours: 4
  • Estimated Time to Complete: 45 Clock Hours
  • Maximum Time Limit: 16 Weeks
  • Student must complete a final exam

Upon ordering, the course materials will be shipped to the student’s address on file.

Order Course: $265

NOTE: This course leads to Advanced Certification in Domestic Violence & Intervention Therapy if the student completes courses CC106, CC205, CC209, CC211, and CC227, in the Christian Counseling degree program, and holds a Master’s Degree or higher.