COURSE SYLLABUS | Basic Christian Counseling


Basic Christian Counseling provides the student with an overview of the major
standard therapeutic methods, and draws a contrast between secular therapy and Christian
counseling. Additionally, it provides the student with a powerful tool which can be used for their
own personal enrichment, as well as future clients in counseling sessions.

Prerequisite(s): Creation Therapy


  • Richard Arno, PhD
  • Zakk Gammon, PhD

    Required Text(s): Basic Christian Counseling Video by Richard Arno, PhD
    Basic Christian Counseling Workbook
    The Search for Significance by Robert McGee

    *NOTE: The required video and workbook are included in the price of this course, and will be provided to the student.

    Students are required to purchase The Search for Significance separately. The Search for Significance can be purchased affordably on Amazon here, or at your preferred bookstore.


This course teaches the student effective counseling goals, techniques, and several other
important topics, such as issues the counselor may face in the course of counseling.

Module 1:

  • Watch the Basic Christian Counseling video on Learn Online.
  • Complete all answers in the Basic Christian Counseling workbook.
  • Complete the Final Exam on Learn Online.

Module 2:

  • Read The Search for Significance in its entirety.
  • Complete the workbook portion of The Search for Significance in the back of the book.
  • Submit your final score from the following self-tests in the book:
    • Chapter 3: Fear of Failure Test
    • Chapter 5: Fear of Rejection Test
    • Chapter 7: Fear of Punishment/Punishing Others Test
    • Chapter 9: Shame Test

      Include your scores from all tests in a document and submit via the link in your Student Center account. Find the link to submit in your Degree Program Checklist.

Module 3:

  • Prepare a paper reflecting the insights you discovered or affirmed about yourself after
    reading The Search for Significance. Include the following information in your paper:

    a. State what you received from reading the book, including whether or not you
    were surprised by the results of any of the tests in Chapters 3, 5, 7, or 9.

    b. Refer to one of the situations you wrote about in the workbook portion of The
    Search for Significance. After analyzing the situation in light of the author’s
    suggestions on how to handle them, are there any ways you could have handled
    the situation differently? If so, how?

    c. McGee uses the equation, “Self-Worth = Performance + Others’ Opinions”
    several times in the book to show how negative thought cycles impact our sense
    of self-worth. How have you, or do you intend to overcome that negative equation
    in your own Christian walk?

    d. What perceptions or misconceptions did you have of the book before reading it?
    Was it what you expected, or were you surprised by your reactions following the
  • The paper should use the following format: a minimum of four pages, double-spaced,
    with no larger than 12-point Times New Romans font. The paper will be scored on the
    personal insights and reflections you provide, the proper use of spelling and grammar,
    and proper formatting as prescribed by this syllabus.

    Submit your paper via the link in your Student Center account. Find the link to submit in your Degree Program Checklist.

The link to Learn Online is provided in your Student Center account.
Revised 6/2022

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