The National Christian Counselors Association requires students completing their practicum must participate in six hours of clinical supervision in order to gain licensure by the NCCA. The program is designed for the student to complete three hours during Phase I of the Christian Counseling degree program, and three hours during Phase III.

Supervision is completed by the student with a Licensed Clinical Supervisor via an online video meeting. CrossPointe College will monitor your progress during your practicum, and will alert you when it’s time to schedule Clinical Supervision.

Clinical Supervision consists of the student and supervisor meeting to discuss their progress in the program, the APS reports the student has completed, and helps to prepare the student for counseling others when they complete their degree. The cost for clinical supervision is $65.00

Dr. Zakk Gammon is an NCCA Licensed Clinical Supervisor, and provides Clinical Supervision for students who are completing their Christian Counseling degree program at CrossPointe College. To schedule Clinical Supervision, click here.