Message from the President


I believe it’s not by accident you’re here visiting CrossPointe Bible College’s website. It’s not by accident that you found our website in search results, or noticed one of our advertisements. At CrossPointe, we’re called to provide quality, affordable and accessible degree programs to Christians who have a dream and desire to succeed and achieve.

We believe that the goal and calling He gave you is not only important, but essential to the Kingdom. It’s our goal and desire to help you on that journey. As an adult learner through our online and distance learning programs, we believe you’ll succeed and thrive in fulfilling you’re calling. Our degree programs are designed to support you in your daily service, and to give you the background needed to build your confidence.

Our online programs are designed for distance learning in the environment that’s most comfortable to you, whether that be your home, your office, enjoying a view of the sunset on the beach, or from the comfort of a room within your church. Our programs have no residency requirements, impossible stipulations, or confusing financial policies. In fact, to avoid all confusion, degree programs at CBC are charged on a per-course basis rather than per-credit hour. Each degree program page  provides a transparent view of all program requirements, course costs and associated fees, giving you a clear overview of the entire program cost.

Should you choose to continue your educational journey with us, we ask only three things of you:

  1. Be willing to challenge yourself
  2. Be willing to be challenged by your program of study
  3. Be willing to work hard and maintain your motivation

Students will find that the educational programs offered at CBC are inspiring, but rigorous. They’re designed that way on purpose. Our studies are course driven, not instructor driven. CBC attendees are expected to motivate themselves through the material, but are also encouraged to lean on the Student Support Services offered by the college.

There are questions you may have before enrolling with us, such as:

  • “When will I find the time to complete my program?”
  • “How can I afford this?”
  • “Am I ready to go back to school?”

Unfortunately, these are questions I can’t answer for you. I would, however, encourage you to seek God’s will in this new and exciting season of your life. If he’s calling you to expand your education and as a byproduct, your ministry, we are confident he’ll provide you with the time, motivation and finances to meet the goal He’s set for you.

One of the beauties of CBC, in my opinion, is that we are non-denominational and Bible-believing. Our students represent many denominations and church styles. We believe in majoring on the majors and minoring on the minors. Our focus is on Jesus, and the calling that God has placed on your life. Here, you’re more than just a number. You are one member of a large body of believers looking to move the kingdom forward. We believe in knowing our students by name, and walking with them through this journey. We believe in being involved in their progress to provide support and encouragement. In fact, when inquiring about degree programs and services from CrossPointe, many students end up speaking directly with me.

I believe every prospective student of CBC, regardless of their background and calling, will find our programs relevant, meaningful, practical and challenging, preparing them to achieve their ministry goals with great success.

It’s my honor to serve this institution, and it’s an even greater honor to have your consideration as you work to move forward in your education. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if there’s anything we can do to help in your journey. In fact, you’re invited to reach out to me directly, should you choose, at the email address below.

In His Service,

Zakk Gammon, PhD
President, CrossPointe Bible College

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