Tuition & Fees

CrossPointe Bible College strives to make education not only beneficial and useful to your career and ministry, but also affordable to your unique situation.

As a private, Christian college, CBC does not accept Federal Financial Aid. However, we believe you'll find our programs affordable. We do not charge per credit hour and we do not saddle you with hidden and unexpected fees. Our fees for each program are listed clearly on our Degree Programs pages. With our popular Pay as You Go option, as well as our convenient Payment Plans, students are provided options to determine what works best for their individual, ministry, and family needs.

Degree Program Payment Options

CrossPointe Bible College offers the following payment options for coursework:

Pay As You Go: 

Our most popular plan, the Pay as You Go plan allows you to purchase each course and pay each associated fee individually as you progress through your selected degree program. For example, each course in our Christian Counseling Degree Programs is $275.00. When it's time to begin your course, you'll simply purchase the course for $275.00, complete it, and then purchase your next course. Refer to your specific degree program for details on the cost per course, testing fees, etc.

Pay-in-Four Installments:

Each course allows you to split the cost into four equal interest-free payments every two weeks. For example, a course that costs $275.00 could be split into four equal payments of $68.75. Simply choose to use "Shop Pay" when you reach the checkout page when placing your course order. 

Payment Plan:

We work with outside organizations to help you finance your degree cost over manageable monthly payments. We offer two options for Degree Program Financing:

  • Option 1: Financing through PayPal Credit. Should you wish to finance your degree program into monthly payments, we can send you an invoice for the total cost of your degree program. When electing to pay, you can select "PayPal Credit" at checkout and apply for financing.

    *Note: We cannot guarantee credit acceptance via PayPal. Interest may be charged by PayPal for Financing.
  • Option 2: If you are unable to be approved via PayPal Credit, Avant is a financial firm we recommend that offers Personal Loans to students. You can check your pre-approval status on Avant's website here. After you receive your funds from Avant, we'll send you an invoice to pay for the balance of your degree program.

    *Note: We cannot guarantee credit acceptance via Avant. Interest is charged by Avant for personal loans.
Paid in Full Discount:

If you choose to pay for your tuition upfront, you'll receive a 10% discount off of the entire program. For example, the total program cost for the Master of Arts in Clinical Christian Counseling program is $6,750. Should you choose to pay for your tuition in full, you'd receive a discount of $675, bringing your total cost to $6,075 for the program. If you wish to utilize our Paid in Full option, please email after you submit your enrollment application.

NOTE: For Payment Plan and Paid in Full Discount plans, CrossPointe Bible College will send you everything for your degree program at once, including all courses, assignments, documentation, etc.

Private Scholarships & Aid

CrossPointe Bible College has a limited number of scholarships available for students that can help subsidize a portion of their degree program. Please view our Scholarship page here

Students receiving outside private financial aid and scholarships may direct those organizations to mail scholarship checks and payments to the following address:

CrossPointe Bible College
ATTN: Student Support Services
P.O. Box 322
Owensboro, KY 42302

The "MEMO" section of the check should include the student's name and the last four digits of the student's Social Security Number.

For questions about using private scholarships to pay for degree programs at CrossPointe Bible College, email

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