Payment Options: Christian Counseling

Various payment options are available for the Christian Counseling degree programs at CrossPointe Bible College. These payment options apply to the Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy programs.

Option 1: Pay As You Go [MOST POPULAR!]

With the "Pay As You Go" option, students simply pay for each program or module as they are ready to complete it. This allows each student to manage their finances and their degree program based on what works for their unique situation.


For example, you'll pay $265.00 for your first course, Creation Therapy. After completing Creation Therapy, then you'll pay the required $75.00 membership fee for your membership in the Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling. When you're ready, you'll order and pay for your next course, Basic Christian Counseling. You'll order each item in your degree program separately as pay for each item as you complete the program.

*NOTE: By default, new students in the Christian Counseling degree program are placed in this payment option unless the elect another Payment Option.


Option 2: Monthly Payments

Through our partnership with PayPal Credit, purchase the entire program and make consistent monthly payments. 


We'll invoice you via PayPal for the total cost of the degree program: $6,605 (Plus a Shipping fee of $7.95 per course if you choose to have hard-copies of the courses shipped to you, for a total of $95.40.) 

PayPal will allow you to apply for PayPal Credit, which will allow you to create a monthly payment plan. After completing the signup process, PayPal will send us the total cost of your degree program, and you'll make monthly payments to PayPal.

Upon receiving payment, CrossPointe Bible College will ship and/or send all materials for your degree program at once.

*NOTE: PayPal uses its own methods and processes to determine credit worthiness. CrossPointe Bible College does not make determinations of credit worthiness, APR %, or monthly payment options; this decision is solely to the discretion of PayPal Credit. CrossPointe Bible College has a no-refund policy.

Option 3: Pay in Full [10% Discount!]

Students may elect to pay for their entire degree program up front, saving them money.


If you'd like to pay for your entire degree program up front, we'll reduce your total tuition by 10%. The standard cost for each degree program is $6,605. The discounted rate for the program is $5,945 if paid in full. 

Upon receiving payment, CrossPointe Bible College will ship and/or send all materials for your degree program at once.

*Note: The 10% Pay in Full discount applies to students who send a physical check to CrossPointe Bible College. Students wishing to Pay in Full via credit or debit card will be charged an additional 3% credit card processing fee, lowering their total savings to 7%. Course materials will not be provided and/or shipped until the student's check has cleared the bank. CrossPointe Bible College has a no-refund policy.


To inquire about payment plans, please email

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